Thursday, April 23, 2009

cold noodles off the street in shanghai

ok. so imagine you are working at a local fast food place. somewhere very normal to you, not necessarily a large american chain like KFC or mcdonalds but maybe a fish and chip or bbq chicken shop. at any rate, something very normal to you. now imagine two foreigners (doesn't matter where from, but definitely foreign) come into the store and start pointing excitedly at various foods on the menu. they then begin trying to order items with absolutely no english language skills at all. at most they know three words which they repeat very loudly and very slowly. then when you give them their food, they both pull out giant cameras and start taking pictures from all angles whilst giggling and gibbering away loudly in their foereign tongue.

you would think they were idiots right?

the noodles are hand carved off this "giant" noodle block. imagine the size of that noodle.

these were way way better than my attempt
whole different ball park really.

MDC asked for them to be extra spicy in his faltering mandarin
not sure how it translated, but she certainly didn't hold back.

was quite painful, only thing to drink in the house was champagne
and some flat fanta. it felt kind of like i was sitting next to myself.

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  1. noodle cost - 4RMB ($USD 0.59)
    Champagne cost, per glass - 83RMB ($USD $12.89)

    TOTAL LUNCH - $USD 13.48