Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"The Beginning"

MDC: i recently joined this flickr group:

JCP: hahaha
MDC: entirely dedicated to photos of prawns
JCP: wow
MDC: you must be bored
JCP: yeah.
JCP: i was thinking of starting a noodle blog though
JCP:want to start it with me?
JCP:i want to call it noodleblog
JCP:a blog mainly but not entirely about noodles
MDC:yesterday before work i spent about an hour provoking coconut shrimp enthusiasts on the interent. so sure. im in.
MDC:i have some noodle photos
MDC:hang on
JCP:i was thinking of just eating at different noodle places in melbourne, posting a picture and writing a small description

MDC:Jellyfish noodles
JCP:i like jelly fish
JCP:nice pic
JCP:i was gonna go for a more simple approach

MDC:sichuan pork noodles
JCP:ah, ok
JCP:you have heaps of food pics
MDC:well. lets get onto it
JCP:are you really really fat these days?

MDC: yeah. getting fat

MDC: that big vat is full of noodles.
MDC:i dont know what they are called, somthing in turkik
MDC:i was photographing for a mate for a while he is a food writer
MDC:just emailing you a spread
about the Xinjiang muslim food street
thats the one with the vat of spicy noodles
MDC:lots of noodles here chris
MDC:there is a guy who makes rice noodles in a little stall around the corner
ill intrude and take some pics for our blog
MDC:umm.. how does one exactly blog??
MDC:blogspot or something?
MDC:is that right?
JCP:guess you just start it
11:35 AM
MDC:yeah blogspot
JCP:ah ok.,
MDC:ours would be full of meat eating, noodles and profanity - right?
MDC:and booze
MDC:like, in summer its a normal occurrence to be standing on a street corner here in 45degree heat at 3am eating cold noodles from a street vendor. other customers would be drunks, hookers and chinese business men
MDC:blog worthy stuff.
MDC:just got to shoot it
JCP:cold noodlea are my favourite dish at the moment
MDC:i ate soooooo much soba in japan
MDC:i went to nagano, its where soba (and ninjas) come from
thats a blog article right there
MDC:i'll dig up some pics
MDC:also discovered my favorite booze at the moment
soba sochu!
MDC:i knew they made it from grapefruit and sweet potato i have even heard of eggplant sochu.
but the soba one is soo good
MDC:hey what is the title of our noodle blog?
JCP:very simple
JCP:and straight to the point
JCP:no wanky shit
Check Availability
Sorry, this blog address is not available
JCP:and nothing about us
MDC:ok then
MDC:yeah no one gives a shit
MDC:hit me
JCP:just about the noodre
JCP:no personal promotion shit
MDC:100% Noodrel
JCP:no one cares about what we did before going to work this morning
MDCthis IM will be the first post
MDC:then you have to make an identity i think
JCP:link me
MDC:did you go to work thismorning?
JCP:yeah, i'm here apparently

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