Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dainty Sichuan Food - 26 Corrs Lane Mel.

ok. so i'm not very good at this...
my noodles keep arriving at the table
and i keep forgetting to take pictures of them
until after i've started eating them

this dish did actually look appealing upon arrival
so appealing that i just dug straight in (i was so hungry)
this is photography post food styling
i'm keeping it real
no perfectly positioned garnishes here

the place was very popular, packed in fact
and we had to wait fifteen minutes for a table
a predicted wait time that i thought was initially very optimistic
but the table turnover proved to be quite steady
i tend to get a little antsy in these situations
but it was all handled in a suitably organized manner
we were given a little green raffle ticket
and were seated promptly after our number was called

there weren't very many noodle options available on the menu
but the above was entitled "tasty cold noodles"
i was pleasantly surprised by the combination of noodle, peanut and chilli
three ingredients that go remarkably well with beer

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